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International Institute for Tolerance launches World Tolerance Network & Tolerance Decathlon

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Dubai, 22-10-2019: International Institute for Tolerance (IIT), under the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, on Tuesday launched the World Tolerance Network (WTN) and Tolerance Decathlon, as part of its 2019-2022 strategic plan to strengthen UAE’s efforts to promote global peace and stability.

The two initiatives were launched at a Press Conference held at IIT’s headquarters on Tuesday to foster a culture of tolerance and promote its principles among the people.

The move is in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to promote tolerance and human dialogue and establish the UAE position as a global model of tolerance.

Dr Hamad Al Sheikh Ahmed Al Shaibani, Managing Director of IIT, announced the digital launch of WTN, which will eventually become a full-fledged global network for peace and tolerance, at the press conference attended by leading media organisations in the UAE.

Explaining the initiatives, Dr Hamad Al Shaibani said: “The launch of the World Tolerance Network and Tolerance Decathlon is part of a carefully studied 2019-2022 strategic plan, which includes a number of initiatives, programmes and activities aiming at strengthening the UAE’s position as a leading model of tolerance and a key partner in cementing human ties.” He added that the UAE is a model of peaceful coexistence.

“Through the World Tolerance Network, we aim to build a global network that brings together intellectuals, peace experts, academics, diplomats, international and local organisations and decision-makers to share their knowledge and experiences that will enhance the efforts for the promotion of a culture of tolerance and peace among all people.”

He added: “We also aim to connect with similar organisations engaged in reinforcing and promoting inter-faith tolerance among people from different religious and cultural backgrounds.

The IIT Managing Director also stressed the role of educational institutions in promoting the values of tolerance and spread it as a way of thinking and a way of life.

Dr Al Shaibani added: “The Institute is keen to adopt initiatives and programmes that embody different forms of tolerance to foster a tolerant generation of youth, who can play an active role in promoting security and peace in society.”

“As this segment of society is vulnerable to external influences, we need to raise their awareness on the importance of recognising, accepting and coexisting with others through dialogue, and rejecting all forms of intolerance. “

For his part, Dr Yousef Al Ali, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Taxi Corporation at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), a strategic sponsor of the initiatives of the International Institute for Tolerance, said, “RTA offers support to contribute effectively to the success of World Tolerance Network and Tolerance Decathlon, which contribute to the promotion of values of universal brotherhood and harmony between various segments of societies, and establish the UAE as a beacon of tolerance.

“We are privileged to be associated with activities of IIT, and Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Tolerance Award.”

The membership categories of the Global Tolerance Network include governmental institutions, individual, community and governmental initiatives, youth, all media platforms including social media, human rights and philanthropic institutions, private sector, research centre, universities and other educational institutions. Those interested in joining the WTN can register on www.tolerancesummit.com

Know the initiatives

The World Tolerance Network seeks to be a global platform to promote the principles of tolerance, peace, harmony and coexistence among communities worldwide, by bringing together peace experts under one umbrella.

The Tolerance Decathlon is a competition that targets university and school students in the UAE to showcase their ideas of tolerance in creative ways. It also offers an important platform to highlight creative artistic projects and initiatives implemented by various educational institutions represented by their students.

The competition aims to promote the values of peaceful coexistence, respect for diversity and pluralism in society, as well establishing the concept and spirit of tolerance, positive dialogue and acceptance of others among younger generations.

The Tolerance Decathlon competition includes five different categories: Stage performances, Artistic Presentation, Art Exhibition, Research Paper and Community initiatives.

The Organising Committee of the Tolerance Decathlon invites young minds interested to share their artistic works that portray tolerance in its purest form. Those interested can register via www.worldtolerancesummit.com/decathlon.

An international jury will shortlist best entries from each category. The selected entries will be showcased during the World Tolerance Summit, slated to take place on November 13 -14 in Dubai.

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