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Grow Learning Space Welcomes Families to its Official Opening

by PowerUp Sports

Riffa, Bahrain: September 28, 2019

Grow Learning Space officially opened its doors on September 28, 2019. Grow has been interacting with families since its inception July 2018 and soft launched its Riffa premise in July 2019. During the opening, families were invited to create projects that were hands-on, creative and involved concepts in electrical engineering, chemical reactions, programming, and physics. Families were given a tour of the premises and were introduced to Grow’s mission of providing unique learning experiences of children and adults alike.

Zain Khalil Alzayani, Founder & Managing Director, commented: “Times are changing and our children are advancing at rates we can’t even fathom. As a result, engagement levels are dropping and this is a global challenge in education – seen all around the world. At Grow, we design our programs to ensure maximum engagement. We found that our learners are focused and as a result learning something new.”

The programs created at Grow Learning Space are developed in-house by Zain, who is Bahrain’s first certified STEM program creator. Moreover, Grow has established exclusive partnerships with North American enrichment program providers like entrepreneurship programs and web development and design programs.

The brand-new, state-of-the-art location is based in the new Al Raya on Mashtan Avenue in Riffa. Grow runs daily sessions for kids in a variety of educational topics like science, engineering, physics, computer programming, robotics, business, web development, to name a few. Adult sessions are being introduced in October and other programs continuously being introduced.

Grow is open 6-days a week and all programs and workshops currently on offer are available on www.growlearningspace.com and on Instagram @growlearningspace

For inquiries, contact: Samiha Bashir at +973 3945 3384 or team.grow@growlearningspace.com

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