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QiDZ – Your City’s Best Family Guide Now in Bahrain And Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

by PowerUp Sports

UAE homegrown QiDZ, the go-to mobile app for family activities, adds Bahrain and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to its growing network. The first of its kind mobile application to enter these thriving markets, QiDZ helps parents plan enjoyable activities and create quality, fun memories with their families.

Parents can find inspiration through the thousands of activities on QiDZ from family weekend bonding, birthday parties and get-togethers, to activities for babies, toddlers and even teens! Some of the activities include soft play, arts & crafts, carnivals, workshops & camps, restaurants and more.

Parents can easily search by location and check for activities close to them, filter by the kids’ ages and interests, book and buy online instantly, and post reviews of experiences too! QiDZ is the partner of choice to many vendors across the Middle East and is always on top of the latest trends to ensure families can easily book and buy tickets to experience the newest activities and hottest trends in town.

The transformational growth led by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 has affected the non-oil sectors and attracted both local and international investors. Simona Agolini, QiDZ CEO and Co-founder, said:

“No one can deny the fact that Saudi market is booming. We were a part of MISK Growth Accelerator Program powered by Vision Ventures and Seedstars; the support that we have received shows how much the nation would like to support and hone regional talents that will contribute to the economy.  Our objective complements Saudi Arabia’s goal to promote culture and improve the quality of life – by helping families create fun memories.”

E-commerce in Saudi is thriving.  In the last year Saudi has seen tremendous growth in online spending, with 64% of Saudis now saying they purchase a product or service online on a monthly basis. This behavior is heavily weighted towards mobile, with 51% of people making a purchase on a phone, compared to just 24% on a laptop/desktop computer[i].

Bahrain, as well, is becoming a productive and globally competitive economy, with a young, tech-savvy population.  Bahrain is one of the top countries in the world for consumer adoption of technology, with 100% smartphone penetration and more than 70% social media adoption – higher than the United States[ii].  In 2019, there are 164% mobile connections compared to the total population of 1.6 million[iii].

“We saw an opportunity to serve the two markets – QiDZ offers convenience that create lasting memories. Through the app, parents in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia can find fun activities that suits their schedule and book them right away,” added Agolini.

QiDZ can be downloaded for free from App Store and Google Playstore.  For more information, please visit the official website on https://qidz.com or follow QiDZ on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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