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The 1st Bahrain Health Regulatory Conference

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The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA)will be holding its First Bahrain Health Regulatory Conference from 28 – 30 of November this year, with the goal to educate and implement high-quality standards on safety and health services in the country.

The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) is an independent regulatory body established in 2010. NHRA’s mission is to regulate the provision of healthcare in Bahrain and ensure appropriateness, continuity, efficiency and safety in delivering health services, both in the governmental and the private sector. It functions based on the best scientific evidence and the best healthcare practices, in accordance with international standards.

NHRA’s first conference aims to discuss and explore regional and global health regulation schemes. The conference aims to bring together healthcare providers, the pharmaceutical industries, healthcare organisations, patient safety, medical educators and accreditation standard experts from the region and the globe to share insights on implementing and managing health regulations.

The three-day conference will feature keynote speakers, lecture presentations, panel discussions, networking, and workshops on health regulation schemes in addition to providing business opportunities for investors in the healthcare industry.


  • To be one of the continuing medical education activities.
  • To exchange knowledge and expertise with regards to health regulation schemes in the GCC and the globe.
  • To discuss important strategies and updates in applying health regulation schemes
  • To share knowledge and update information on healthcare regulations
  • To benefit from other countries’ experiences in change management related to health reforms and establishing strong policies that would steer and govern the development of the health care services
  • To network and communicate between local and international expertise
  • To discuss the challenges and business opportunities in the health sector
  • To explore the role of the private sector in health regulation and in maintaining a high quality of healthcare services
  • To bring up-to-date health regulatory standards
  • To explore the supporting role of international organisations in the implementation of international health care accreditation standards


The conference aims to attract key healthcare professionals from Bahrain and the GCC region and beyond. It also aims to bring together entities which play a significant role in the regulation of the healthcare sector including:

  • Government healthcare decision-makers
  • Health reform and health regulation experts
  • Pharmaceutical and drug company owners
  • Public and private healthcare providers
  • Investors and interested experts in the healthcare business
  • Technology experts and solutions providers

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