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Bin Hindi Delivers HM the King’s Congratulations on Establishing the Society

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The Bahraini Society for Pioneer Sportspeople held its first meeting under the chairmanship of HE Mr Saleh bin Isa bin Hindi Al Manaei, HM the King’s Advisor for Youth and Sport Affairs and in the presence of all the founders of the society to discuss several key subjects listed on the meeting agenda, including electing a chairman. HE Mr Al Manaei inaugurated the meeting by delivering the blessings and congratulations of HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the King of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the society members on the occasion of its establishment as well as HM’s wishes for their success in their efforts to strengthen the sports movement in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Moreover, HE Mr Al Manaei praised the keen interest of HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Representative of His Majesty the King for Charity Works and Youth Affairs and President of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports to support the establishment of the society by providing it with all the required backing in an effort to allow it houses all the sportspeople in Bahrain. He also thanked HE Mr Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, Minister of Labour and Social Development, HE Mr Aymen bin Tawfeeq Almoayed, Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs for their efforts to ease the administrative procedures needed to establish the society. 
He explained that the society will gather all the pioneer sportspeople under one roof and will work on protecting the unity of sports in Bahrain as well as introduce ideas and suggestions to improve this important field.

Isa bin Rashid Honourary Chairman

After HE Mr Al Manaei’s remarks, the attendees discussed the items on the meeting agenda and it was unanimously agreed to select HE Shaikh Isa bin Rashid Al Khalifa, Second Deputy President of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports and Permanent Honourary President of Bahrain Olympic Committee to become the Honourary Chairman of the Bahraini Society for Pioneer Sportspeople as a token of appreciation for his contributions towards sports in Bahrain. 

Bin Hindi Chairman of the Society

Furthermore, the society members congratulated Bin Hindi on his selection as Chairman of the Society and he in return valued the confidence shown by them in him to take on this role. 

Board Members Formed 

he attendees later selected the Board members of the society. They include: Ibrahim Yousif Al Dowi as Vice Chairman, Dr Abdulmajeed Mufeez as Secretary-General, Mohammed Ismaeel as Financial Secretary. The other members are: Khamees Mohammed Al Muqla, Abdulwahab Nasser Al Asoomi, Yaqoub Yousif Al Lahdan, Tawfiq Al Salehi, Hassan Zulaikh, Nasser Mohammed and Mohammed Louri. The attendees handpicked Dr Adulrahman Ahmed Sayyar to occupy an advisory role in the society thanks to his vast experience. Additionally, several committees formed to process works in the society, including the marketing committee, the sports committee, the public relations committee and the media committee.

Thank-you and Gratitude Cables 

And besides, the members agreed to send thank-you and gratitude cables to HM the King, HH Shaikh Nasser, HE Shaikh Isa bin Rashid, HE Mr Jameel Humaidan and HE Mr Aymen Al Moayed for the support to the society.

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