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Rediscover Training and Nutrition

by PowerUp Sports

Discover your genetics and how it influences your performance as an athlete.

Genetics is what makes us unique, and the main reason because why we need to customize everything in our lives in order to achieve our full potential. It is clear that the more you know your body, the more performance you can get from it. If you know how it responds to training and which food is more convenient it will be easier to optimize your strategy and therefore you will be closer to achieving the long-desired success.

Surely you’ve ever asked yourself one of the following questions:

  • Why don’t I get better as fast as my partner?
  • Are the meals I eat before, during and after training and competing correct and effective?
  • Why do I feel discomfort more often? Why do I injure myself more?
  • Should I hydrate just like my partner?
  • Do I really need to supplement with substances I take just because others do?
  • Through genetic testing, the athlete will be able to obtain information in key aspects for the competition as:
  • How to adapt strength and endurance training within sports planning in the way that best suits your characteristics
  • How to perform proper overtraining control and proper recovery
  • How should your optimal hydration protocol be in the race to be able to reach your maximum potential
  • Which nutritional strategy may be most favourable to you
  • What supplementation may be beneficial to you and how to customize dosages to your personal needs
  • What training and nutritional strategy is the most advantageous for you, depending on what your genetics hides, so you can get the most out of your IRONMAN performance.

This kind of information will revolutionize the way of training and nutrition. Considering that, it opens a new horizon on the training customization by optimizing the most relevant factors related to sport and nutrition. And so, avoid doing the same strategies for everyone. From now on, you can have in your hands a sports and nutritional planning that will not resemble that of any other triathlete.

Every athlete must know his weaknesses and strengths for victory lies in the knowledge of oneself.

Therefore, knowing the genetics of oneself, that is, the differences of an athlete with the rest, in those factors that surround the sport such as risk of injury, the accumulation of fatigue, assimilation of nutrients, intolerances, etc., will offer a new concept of personalization that until now was unthinkable.


The methodology is very simple, since with a simple saliva sample you can collect your DNA, and analyze those differences, which influence your performance and nutrition. It can be done from anywhere in the world and from your own home.

It is very important to carry out genetic analysis in specialized companies that offer really applied information, so that the analysis really has a direct application to your training and nutrition. It is also important to ensure your security and confidentiality both in the process of taking samples and in the subsequent analysis.

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