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Dental Tips: Protect Your Pearly Whites!

by PowerUp Sports

There’s no staying indoors when it’s an action packed season with the New Year. Triathletes are training hard as ever for the biking course in this year’s IRONMAN. Unfortunately this could mean protecting your smile from the inevitable. Dental care is a very important part of your body and is a must in cycle safety!

When cycling, there’s a lot of attention given to cycle safety from the right clothing, nutrition to the best biking gears. Your teeth is the last thing you would think of but it puts you at risk of leaving the sporting field with a broken tooth. You could also bite your tongue hard which is even more distressing experience. Protecting your teeth should always be apriority.

So how do we avoid such injuries? Here are some tips to protect your teeth and overall oral cavity during this triathlon season:

Riding your Bike? HELMET IS A MUST

Helmet cushions and displaces the impact of your fall on your head or break your jaws and teeth. However, as protective as helmets can be, it’s important that you choose the right one that fits your head to be offered the best protection.The best helmet isn’t necessarily the one that looks cool; it’s the one you’re most likely to wear. If it looks brilliant but feels uncomfortable or gets too hot, you’re less likely to keep it on your head.


When you fall, your teeth tap each other, and that force can cause them to chip or break. A mouth guard being a good protective gear snugly fits in your mouth that minimizes your teeth from being struck with too much force. The best kind of mouth guard to protect your teeth is one specifically molded by your dentist for your teeth.


You should also take good care of your teeth by regularly brushing and flossing. This will build strength in your teeth and prevent unnecessary damage to your teeth during sports.

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