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15 Milestones Every Serious Triathlete Should Reach

by PowerUp Sports

Anyone can run, bike or even swim. But doing all three together—without drowning or crawling across the finish line—takes skill that only comes after hard work, long training hours and more than a little determination. From your first open water swim to completing a 70.3, How many of these milestones can you check off the list?
By Elizabeth Grimsley

Clipping in

You may have started your triathlon career with standard flat pedals that let your feet move freely on and off with ease. But you quickly took off the training wheels and made the switch to clip-less. You’ll never forget that first time, you know, the one where you were riding along, came to a stoplight, forgot you were clipped in and awkwardly fell to the ground in front of all those cars, Check!


When triathletes reach the pinnacle of physical exertion when you go so hard that you literally cant move another inch. Whether its in the bike or during the run, bonking is a sign that you have given the race, training session or workout all you had.

First Brick

Running after riding your bike cant be that bad, you told yourself. Naive as you are, after you’ve trained and its finally time for your first brick, the minute your weight fully hits your fit, your legs feel like Jell-o and it takes all the energy you have left not to collapse embarrassingly on the ground.

First Sprint Tri

The first time toeing the line brings back memories of how unprepared you were, but how happy it made you. Its where your love for triathlon began, after all.

First Wetsuit

You remember the first time you slide, uh, struggle into a wetsuit, your life changes forever. You actually float and don’t feel like your about to sunk to the bottom. Then you wonder why it took you so long to discover this wonderful second skin.

First open water swim

You’ve been swimming in the pool for weeks, finally able to hit 400m without clinging onto the edge for dear life. Now its time to take it outdoors, you head to the nearby lake, take a deep breath and dive in!

First Olympic Tri

You finally toed the line, mastered 1500m swim, 40K bike and 10K run and made your way across the finish line, arm held up in triumph.

First Pricey Purchase

Triathlon can get expensive, whether its a flashy new wetsuit or a new bike, a real triathlete spends hard earned money on expensive gear and races, right?

First Time Successfully Fixing A Flat Tire

It happens to everyone. You cone prepared for the race, you’re rising along on your merry way when you start to feel the telltale wobble. Minutes later, you’re done and riding along again with two inflated tired and a huge grin on your face.

First Tri Bike

This is the time where you crave to be more aerodynamic, so you decide to make the leap and purchase your first tri bike.

First 70.3

Its time to pull on your bug boy pants and sign up for a 70.3

First Draft Legal Race

If you get the opportunity to draft in a race, know you’re in a company of the likes of Flora Duffy, Mario Mola and the Brownlee brothers.

Peeing On The Bike

While its not for everyone, you’re tired of constantly having to stop during long training rides to use the restroom, so you’ve finally worked up the courage to let it out.

This time you nailed the best method of transportation for your bike, to make the trip as you take your triathlon career to the next level, by signing up for a destination race

First Full Distance Race

Working your way up from the first sprint to your most recent 70.3, its about to become a serious reality.

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